New York Executive Law Section 632 - Manner of payment.

632. Manner of payment. 1. The award shall be paid in a lump sum, except that in the case of death or protracted disability the award shall provide for periodic payments to compensate for loss of earnings or support. No award made pursuant to this article shall be subject to execution or attachment other than for expenses resulting from the injury which is the basis for the claim.

2. Where a person entitled to receive an award is a person under the age of eighteen years, an incompetent, or a conservatee, the award may be paid to a relative, guardian, committee, conservator, or attorney of such person on behalf of and for the benefit of such person. In such case the payee shall be required to file a periodic accounting of the award with the office and to take such other action as the office shall determine is necessary and appropriate for the benefit of the person under the age of eighteen years, incompetent or conservatee.

Last modified: February 3, 2019