New York Executive Law Section 895 - Definitions.

* 895. Definitions. When used in this article:

1. "Office" means the office of urban revitalization created by this article.

2. "Director" means the executive director of the urban affairs cabinet and chief administrative officer of the office of urban revitalization.

3. "State agency" means any department, board, bureau, commission, division, office, council or agency of the state, or a public benefit corporation or authority authorized by the laws of the state.

4. "Federal agency" means any department, office, council or agency of the federal government, or any public benefit corporation or authority authorized by federal statute.

5. "Local agency" means any community organization created for the purposes of enhancing the revitalization of distressed urban areas.

6. "Distressed urban area" means communities within cities or urban counties of the state characterized by blight, stagnating or declining tax base, an unemployment rate in excess of the statewide average, an aged housing stock, a stagnating or declining population or the existence of ten per centum or more of the population at or below the poverty level.

7. "Cabinet" means the urban revitalization affairs cabinet created pursuant to an executive order to assist the governor in the coordination of state policies and programs affecting urban areas.

* NB Expired March 31, 1985

Last modified: February 3, 2019