New York Executive Law Section 897 - General functions, powers and duties.

* 897. General functions, powers and duties. The office of urban revitalization by and through the director or his duly authorized officers and employees, shall have the following functions, powers and duties;

1. To provide comprehensive information on existing state, federal and local urban development and revitalization programs upon request to any local agency located in distressed urban area of the state.

2. To receive notification from all state agencies engaged in urban development and revitalization programs of program descriptions, appropriation data, application procedures and local agencies or community non-profit organizations receiving state assistance for such programs. The office shall, upon receipt of such notification, make available a listing of existing programs and assure that all related local agencies are notified of their existence.

3. To assist, upon request, applicant local agencies located in distressed urban areas in obtaining timely and efficient responses from state and federal agencies, to assist such applicants in consideration of alternative program grant strategies and to assist state and federal agencies in cooperative approaches to address the needs of such applicants.

4. To review application procedures formulated by state agencies and to recommend improvements designed to increase the efficiency of these procedures and to enhance the probability for the success of such applications from local agencies located in distressed urban areas.

5. To make available to local agencies, individuals and corporations located in distressed urban areas assistance concerning grant applications procedures and techniques and job development opportunities and to encourage the assistance of the private sector in effectuating the revitalization of distressed urban areas.

6. To administer local assistance programs authorized by the legislature pursuant to statute, within amounts appropriated therefor, designed to encourage revitalization of distressed urban areas.

7. To assist the governor, the cabinet and the legislature in the coordination, consolidation and improvement of state policy for distressed urban areas, through the establishment, as far as is practical, of offices in such areas, through the holding of public hearings and to represent the governor before federal agencies on matters of importance to coordinate policy for the revitalization of such areas.

8. To apply for and receive, consistent with the appropriation, notification, and approval requirements of the state finance law, grants or financial assistance from federal agencies.

9. To adopt such rules and regulations, procedures, instructions, and forms as are required to carry out the functions, powers and duties imposed upon the office by this article.

10. To serve as staff for the cabinet in the formation of agendas for regular meetings, the preparation of minutes of such meetings, the development of policy papers and assuring the implementation of policies and programs proposed by the cabinet and adopted by the governor.

* NB Expired March 31, 1985

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