New York General Business Law Section 1010 - Licenses; professionals.

1010. Licenses; professionals. 1. Except as otherwise provided in sections one thousand six, one thousand eleven and one thousand seventeen of this article, only persons licensed by the commission shall compete in authorized professional combative sports.

2. Any professional applying for a license or renewal of a license to participate in combative sports under this article shall undergo a comprehensive physical examination including clinical neurological examinations by a physician approved by the commission. If, at the time of such examination, there is any indication of brain injury, or for any other reason the physician deems it appropriate, the professional shall be required to undergo further neurological examinations by a neurologist including magnetic resonance imaging or other medically equivalent procedures. The commission shall not issue a license to a professional until such examinations are completed and reviewed by the commission. The results of all such examinations herein required shall become a part of the professional's permanent medical record as maintained by the commission. The costs of all such examinations shall be assumed by the applicant or promoter with which the professional is affiliated, regardless of provider.

3. Any professional licensed under this article shall, as a condition of licensure, waive right of confidentiality of medical records relating to treatment of any physical condition which relates to his or her ability to fight. All medical reports submitted to, and all medical records of the medical advisory board or the commission relative to the physical examination or condition of professionals shall be considered confidential, and shall be open to examination only to the commission or its authorized representative, to the licensed professional or manager upon written application to examine said records, or upon the order of a court of competent jurisdiction in an appropriate case.

Last modified: February 3, 2019