New York Railroad Law Section 224 - Adoption of plans, and terms upon which road shall be built.

224. Adoption of plans, and terms upon which road shall be built. The commissioners by such public notice, and under such conditions, and with such inducements as they may prescribe, shall invite a submission of plans for the construction and operation of such railroad, and shall meet at a time and place in such notice named, not more than ninety days after their organization, and decide upon the plans for the construction thereof, with the necessary supports, turnouts, switches, sidings, connections, landing-places, stations, buildings, platforms, stairways, elevators, telegraph and signal devices, or other requisite appliances, upon the route or location determined upon by them. They shall, upon notice to the local authorities, and after hearing all parties interested, fix and determine what compensation, if any, in a gross sum, or in a certain percentage of receipts, shall annually be paid to the local authorities by the corporation formed for the purpose of constructing, maintaining and operating such railroad for public use in the conveyance of persons and property, for the use and occupation by the corporation of the streets, avenues and highways in and upon which its railroad is to be constructed, and the time when such railroad, or a portion thereof, shall be constructed and ready for operation, and the maximum rates to be paid for transportation and conveyance thereon, and the hours during which special cars or trains shall be run at reduced rates of fare; and the amount of the capital stock of such corporation, and the number of shares into which it shall be divided, and the percentage thereof to be paid in cash on subscribing for such shares.

The commissioners may select two or more routes, upon one of which such railroad may be constructed and operated; and the local authorities may consent to the construction and operation of such railroad upon one or more of such routes, or parts thereof; and the commissioners shall have power to change and re-adopt routes and plans for the construction and operation of such railroad after they have been submitted to the local authorities, in cases where such authorities may recommend such changes, or may not be willing to consent to the construction or operation of the railroad upon the routes and plans adopted, unless such changes are made therein.

Last modified: February 3, 2019