New York Railroad Law Section 229 - Powers.

229. Powers. Subject to the provisions of the transportation law, every such corporation shall have power, in addition to the powers conferred by the business corporation law and by subdivisions four and six of section eight of this chapter:

1. To take and convey persons and property on its railroad by the power or force of steam or by any motor other than animal power, and to receive compensation therefor.

2. To enter upon and underneath the several streets, avenues and public places and lands designated by the commissioners, and enter into and upon the soil of the same, to construct, maintain, operate and use in accordance with the plan adopted by the commissioners, a railroad upon the route or routes and to the points decided upon and to secure the necessary foundations and erect the columns, piers and other structures which may be required to secure safety and stability in the construction and maintenance of the railroad constructed upon such plan and for operating the same; and to make such excavations and openings along the route through which such railroad shall be constructed as shall be necessary from time to time. In all cases the surface of the streets around such foundations, piers and columns shall be restored to the condition in which they were before such excavations were made, as near as may be, and any interference with or change in the water mains, or in the sewers or lamp posts, except such changes as may be made with the concurrence of the proper department or authority, shall be avoided; and the use of the streets, avenues, places and lands designated by the commissioners and the right of way through the same for the purpose of a railroad, as herein authorized, shall be considered and is hereby declared to be a public use, consistent with the uses for which the roads, streets, avenues and public places are publicly held. No such corporation shall have the right to acquire the use or occupancy of public parks or squares in any such city or county, or the use or occupancy of any of the streets or avenues, except such as may have been designated for the route or routes of such railroad, and except such temporary privileges as the proper authorities may grant to such corporations to facilitate such construction, and no such railroad shall be constructed across the track of any steam railroad now in actual operation at the grade thereof, nor shall any piers or supports for any elevated railroad be erected upon a railroad track now actually in use in any street or avenue; and no such corporation shall construct a street surface railroad to run in whole or in part upon the surface of any street or highway under the provisions of this article.

Last modified: February 3, 2019