New York Railroad Law Section 227 - Organization.

227. Organization. Whenever the whole capital stock of such corporation or an amount of such capital stock proportioned to the part of such railroad directed by the commissioners to be constructed, shall have been subscribed by not less than fifteen persons, and the fixed percentage of such subscriptions shall have been paid, in cash, the commissioners shall, by written or printed notice of ten days, served personally or by mail, call a meeting of such subscribers for organization, and appoint the inspectors of election to serve thereat. At such meeting, or at any subsequent one to which the same may be adjourned, a majority in number and amount of such subscribers may elect persons, of a number to be theretofore determined by the commissioners not less than nine, who shall be directors for one year of the corporation formed for the purposes of constructing and operating such railroad.

Last modified: February 3, 2019