North Carolina General Statutes § 106-1016 Limitation of payments

(a)        An eligible landowner may receive forest development cost sharing payments for satisfactory completion of approved practices as determined by the Commissioner, except that the Commissioner shall approve no assistance in an amount exceeding the lesser of (i) a sum equal to sixty percent (60%) of the landowner's actual per acre cost incurred in implementing the approved practice or (ii) a sum equal to sixty percent (60%) of the prevailing per acre cost as determined by the Commissioner under G.S. 106-1014(3) for implementing that approved practice.

(b)        The maximum amount of forest development cost sharing funds allowed to any landowner in one fiscal year will be the amount required to complete all approved practices on 100 acres of land at the prevailing cost sharing rate established under G.S. 106-1016(a).

(c)        Eligible landowners may not use State cost sharing funds if funds from any federal cost sharing program are used on the same acreage for forestry practices during the same fiscal year.  (1977, c. 562, s. 6; 2011-145, s. 13.25(gg), (hh).)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014