North Carolina General Statutes § 106-1027 Definitions

The following words, terms and phrases hereinafter used for the purpose of this Article are defined as follows:

(1)        "Primary forest product" shall include those products of the tree after it is severed from the stump and cut to its first roundwood product for further conversion. These products include but are not limited to whole trees for chipping, whole tree logs, sawlogs, pulpwood, veneer bolts, and posts, poles and piling.

(2)        "Processor" shall mean the individual, group, association, or corporation that procures primary forest products at their initial point of concentration for conversion to secondary products or for shipment to others for such conversion.

(3)        "Forest Development Fund" shall mean the special fund established by G.S. 106-1018.

(4)        For the purpose of this Article, the following are not considered "primary forest products":

a.         Christmas trees and associated greens;

b.         Material harvested from an individual's own land and used on said land for the construction of fences, buildings or other personal use developments;

c.         Fuel wood harvested for personal use or use in individual homes.  (1977, c. 573, s. 3; 2011-145, s. 13.25(ii), (jj).)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014