North Carolina General Statutes § 120-36.17 Program Evaluation Division impact statement

(a)        Every bill and resolution introduced in the General Assembly proposing a study or evaluation by the Program Evaluation Division shall have attached to it at the time of its consideration by the General Assembly an impact statement prepared by the Division. The impact statement shall identify and estimate, to complete all studies and reports required by the bill or resolution, all of the following: (i) the number of personnel required; (ii) the total number of hours required; and (iii) the estimated costs.

(1)        If, after review, the Division determines that no estimates are possible, the impact statement shall contain a statement to that effect, setting forth the reasons why no estimate can be given.

(2)        The Division shall indicate whether the Division, based upon its current annual work plan, has adequate and sufficient resources to undertake the study or evaluation as part of the current annual work plan, and shall explain the basis for its determination.

(3)        If the Division determines that it would not be able to undertake the study or evaluation as part of its current annual work plan, it shall indicate a time frame in which it believes the study or evaluation could be accomplished.

(b)        The sponsor of each bill or resolution to which this section applies shall present a copy of the bill or resolution with the request for an impact statement to the Program Evaluation Division. Upon receipt of the request and the copy of the bill or resolution, the Program Evaluation Division shall prepare the impact statement as promptly as possible, but shall transmit it to the sponsor within two weeks after the request is made, unless the sponsor agrees to an extension of time. If the impact statement is not transmitted within two weeks, or by the end of any extension of time as provided under this subsection, then there shall be no impact statement required under this section.

(c)        This impact statement shall be attached to the original of each proposed bill or resolution that is reported favorably by any committee of the General Assembly, but shall be separate from the bill or resolution and shall be clearly designated as an impact statement. An impact statement attached to a bill or resolution pursuant to this subsection is not a part of the bill or resolution and is not an expression of legislative intent proposed by the bill or resolution.

(d)       If a committee of the General Assembly reports favorably a proposed bill or resolution that directs the Program Evaluation Division to conduct a study or evaluation, the chair of the committee shall obtain from the Program Evaluation Division, and attach to the bill or resolution, an impact statement as provided in this section.  (2012-80, s. 1.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014