North Carolina General Statutes § 120-36.13 Work plan and requests for program evaluation

(a)        Plan. - The Joint Legislative Program Evaluation Oversight Committee, in consultation with the Director of the Program Evaluation Division, must establish an annual work plan for the Division. The Division must adhere to this annual plan, unless the Joint Legislative Program Evaluation Oversight Committee changes the annual plan to add a new evaluation or remove a planned evaluation. Any enacted legislation that directs the Program Evaluation Division to conduct a study or an evaluation is included in the annual work plan by operation of law; however, notwithstanding any other provision of law, if the enacted legislation did not have an impact statement, as provided in G.S. 120-36.17, completed prior to its consideration by the General Assembly, then the study or evaluation shall be included in the next annual work plan adopted by the Committee and one year shall be added to any required reporting dates included in the legislation, except that the impact statement is not required and the evaluation may be included in the current work plan if the impact statement was not provided pursuant to the time requirements in G.S. 120-36.17(b).

The annual work plan constitutes an information request and a drafting request made by the Committee cochairs to legislative employees under Article 17 of Chapter 120 of the General Statutes. Any document prepared by a legislative employee pursuant to the annual work plan becomes available to the public only as provided in G.S. 120-131. Any document prepared by an agency employee pursuant to a request under G.S. 120-131.1(a1) becomes available to the public only as provided in G.S. 120-131.

(b)        Request. - A request to the Program Evaluation Division for an evaluation of a program or an activity of a State agency must be submitted by a member of the General Assembly. The Director of the Division must review each request in accordance with the following criteria and make a recommendation to the Joint Legislative Program Evaluation Oversight Committee on whether to amend the Division's work plan to include the requested evaluation:

(1)        The work required to conduct the requested evaluation.

(2)        The effect that conducting the requested evaluation will have on the Division's ability to complete its work plan.

(3)        The significance of the requested evaluation compared to the evaluations to be conducted under the work plan.

(4)        Any overlap between the requested evaluation and other evaluations previously conducted by the Division or another agency.  (2007-78, s. 3; 2008-196, s. 1(a); 2012-80, s. 2.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014