North Carolina General Statutes § 142-13 Destruction of canceled bonds, notes and coupons

All canceled bonds, notes and interest coupons of the State may be destroyed in one of the following ways, in the discretion of the Treasurer:

(1)        Method 1. The Treasurer shall make an entry in a substantially  bound book kept by him for the purpose of recording the destruction of bonds, notes and coupons, showing

a.         With respect to bonds and notes, the designation, the date of issue, serial numbers (if any), denomination, maturity date, and total principal amount.

b.         With respect to coupons, the designation and date of the bonds to which the coupons appertain, the maturity date of the coupons and, as to each maturity date, the denomination, quantity and total amount of coupons.

                  After this entry has been made, the paid bonds, notes or coupons shall be destroyed, by either burning or shredding, in the presence of the Council of State. Each member of the Council of State in attendance shall certify under his hand in the book kept by the Treasurer that he saw the bonds, notes or coupons destroyed. Canceled bonds, notes or coupons shall not be destroyed until after one year from the date of payment.

(2)        Method 2. The Treasurer may contract with the bank or trust company acting as paying agent for a bond issue for the destruction of bonds and interest coupons which have been canceled by the paying agent. The contract shall require that the paying agent give the Treasurer a written certificate of each destruction containing the same information required by Method 1 to be entered in the record of destroyed bonds and coupons. The certificates shall be filed among the permanent records of the Treasurer. Canceled bonds or coupons shall not be destroyed until one year from the date of payment.

The provisions of G.S. 121-5 and 132-3 shall not apply to any such paid bonds, notes or coupons.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, in lieu of destroying all canceled bonds, notes and interest coupons, the Treasurer is authorized, with the approval of the Council of State, to distribute the bonds, notes, and coupons to the public schools of North Carolina and to the Department of Cultural Resources to be used for educational and historical purposes.  The Department of Public Instruction and the Department of Cultural Resources may cooperate and assist in implementing such purposes. (1879, c. 98, s. 8; Code, s. 3578; Rev., s. 5035; C.S., s. 7415; 1941, c. 28; 1975, c. 527; 1987, c. 522, s. 1.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014