North Carolina General Statutes § 142-14 Issuance of temporary bonds

Whenever the State Treasurer shall be authorized by law to issue bonds or notes of the State, and all acts, conditions and things required by law to happen, exist and be performed, before the delivery thereof for value, shall have happened, shall exist and shall have been performed, except the printing, lithographing or engraving of the definitive bonds or notes authorized and the execution thereof, the State Treasurer is authorized, by and with the consent of the Governor and Council of State, to issue and deliver for value temporary bonds or notes, with or without coupons, which may be printed or lithographed in any denomination or denominations which may be a multiple of one thousand dollars ($1,000), and shall be signed and sealed as shall be provided for the signing and sealing of such definitive bonds or notes, and shall be substantially of the tenor of such definitive bonds or notes except as herein otherwise provided and except that such temporary bonds or notes shall contain such provisions as the Treasurer may elect as to the conditions of payment  of the semiannual interest thereon. Every such temporary bond or note  shall bear upon its face the words "Temporary Bond (or Note) Exchangeable for Definitive Bond." Upon the completion and execution of the definitive bonds or notes, such temporary bonds or notes shall be exchangeable without charge therefor to the holder of such temporary bonds or notes for definitive bonds or notes of an equal amount of principal. Such exchange shall be made by the Treasurer or by a bank or trust company in North Carolina or elsewhere appointed by him as agent which shall have a capital and surplus of not less than the amount of the definitive bonds or notes to be so exchanged, and in making such exchange the Treasurer shall detach from the definitive bonds or notes all coupons which represent interest theretofore paid upon the temporary bonds or notes to be exchanged therefor, and shall cancel all such coupons; and upon such exchange such temporary bonds or notes and the coupons attached thereto, if any, shall be forthwith canceled by the Treasurer of such agent. Until so exchanged, temporary bonds and notes issued under the authority hereof shall in all respects be entitled to all the rights and privileges of the definitive securities. (1925, c. 43.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014