North Carolina General Statutes § 142-17 Recital of facts entered on minutes; directions to Treasurer; limit of amount

The Council of State, when such emergency arises during such interval, shall recite upon its minutes the facts out of which it does arise, and thereupon direct the State Treasurer to borrow from time to time money needed to meet such emergency or calamity, not exceeding, however in the whole, five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) in the aggregate in the period between the adjournment of the present session of the General Assembly and the convening of the General Assembly in regular session in 1929 and not exceeding five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) in the aggregate in any succeeding interval between regular sessions of the General Assembly, and to execute in behalf of the State of North Carolina notes for said money so borrowed to run not exceeding two years, and to bear interest not exceeding five percent (5%) per annum, payable semiannually. Said notes shall be in such forms as the State Treasurer may determine, and the obligations for the interest thereupon after maturity shall be receivable in payment of taxes, debts, dues, licenses, fines and demands due the State of any kind whatsoever. The said notes shall be  exempt from all State, county and municipal taxation or assessment, direct or indirect, general or special, whether imposed for the purpose of general revenue or otherwise, and the interest thereon shall not be subject to taxation as for income, nor shall said notes be subject to taxation when constituting a part of the surplus of any bank, trust company, or other corporation. (1927, c. 49, s. 2.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014