North Carolina General Statutes § 142-5 Registration as to principal

Upon the presentation at the office of the State Treasurer of any bond or certificate that has heretofore been or may hereafter be issued by the State, or upon the first issuance of any bond or certificate, the same may be registered as to principal in the name of the holder upon such register, such registration to be noted on the reverse of the bond or certificate by the State Treasurer. The principal of any bond or certificate so registered shall be payable only to the registered payee or his legal representative, and such bond or certificate shall be transferable to another holder or back to bearer only upon presentation of the State Treasurer with a written assignment acknowledged or approved in a form satisfactory to the Treasurer. The name of the registered assignee shall be written in said register and upon any bond or certificate so transferred. A bond or certificate so transferred to bearer shall be subject to future registration and transfer as before. (1883, c. 25; Code, s. 3568; 1887, c. 287; Rev., s. 5025; C.S., s. 7405; Ex. Sess. 1921, c. 66, s. 4.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014