North Carolina General Statutes § 143B-438.15 Legislative findings and purpose

(a)        The General Assembly finds that State, national, and global economic conditions and the passage of international trade agreements have impacted the State workforce adversely and resulted in significant losses in the availability of jobs in manufacturing and the State's other traditional industries. Further, the General Assembly finds that business and plant closings, the weakened State economy, and lengthening periods of unemployment have taken a toll on communities across the State. It is prudent to address the loss of jobs by establishing a statewide initiative to create more jobs for our citizens.

(b)        It is the policy of this State to stimulate job growth and hiring by investing in the effective retraining of trade-affected displaced workers while partnering with private business to help those citizens learn new skills for new jobs through on-the-job training and educational assistance.

(c)        The purpose of this Part is to establish the Trade Jobs for Success initiative to stimulate job growth and hiring in the State and to assist displaced workers affected by trade-impact business closings. The aim of the Trade Jobs for Success initiative shall be to partner with private business to move displaced workers into new jobs while allowing for a dignified transition from unemployment back to employment. (2004-124, s. 13.7A(d).)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014