North Carolina General Statutes § 159G-33 Loans and grants available from Wastewater Reserve

(a) Types. - The Department is authorized to make the types of loans and grants listed in this subsection from the Wastewater Reserve. Each type of loan or grant must be administered through a separate account within the Wastewater Reserve.

(1) General. - A loan or grant is available for a project authorized in G.S. 159G-32(b).

(2) High-unit-cost grant. - A high-unit-cost grant is available for the portion of the construction costs of a wastewater collection system project or a wastewater treatment works project that results in an estimated average household user fee for water and sewer service in the area served by the project that exceeds the high-unit-cost threshold.

(3) Technical assistance grant. - A technical assistance grant is available to determine the best way to correct the deficiencies in a wastewater collection system or wastewater treatment works that either is not in compliance with its permit limits or, as identified in the most recent inspection report by the Department under G.S. 143-215.3, is experiencing operational problems and is at risk of violating its permit limits.

(4) Emergency loan. - An emergency loan is available in the event the Secretary certifies that a serious public health hazard related to the inadequacy of an existing wastewater collection system or wastewater treatment works is present or imminent in a community.

(b) Interaccount Transfer. - The Secretary may use revenue in any account in the Wastewater Reserve to provide funds for an emergency loan. (2005-454, s. 3.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014