North Carolina General Statutes § 57D-3-04 Information rights

(a) Subject to the other provisions of this section, each member may inspect and copy or otherwise obtain from the LLC any of the following:

(1) A copy of the articles of organization and any other writing constituting all or part of the operating agreement, including any executed power of attorney under which all or any part of the operating agreement was adopted, that are in effect or were in effect at any time during any of the LLC's preceding four fiscal years.

(2) Either, as the LLC may elect, (i) a copy of any federal, state, or local income tax returns of the LLC, including any amendments and supplements made to those returns, filed with taxing authorities that pertain to any of the LLC's preceding four fiscal years or (ii) financial statements of the LLC of the type described in subsections (a) and (b) of G.S. 55-16-20 that pertain to any of the LLC's preceding four fiscal years.

(3) A list of the names and last known business, residence, or mailing addresses of the LLC's current interest owners, their status as members or economic interest owners, the date on which each became an interest owner, and, if applicable, the dates on which a person's status as a member changed to that of an economic interest owner or the person's status as an economic interest owner changed to that of a member.

(4) Information, the type and detail of which may be prescribed by the operating agreement, from which (i) the member's capital interest may be ascertained and (ii) unless and to the extent the operating agreement does not provide otherwise, each of the other interest owners' capital interests may be ascertained, including the amount of money and a description and statement of the agreed value of any other property or services that each person who has been an interest owner has paid or otherwise transferred or has agreed to pay or otherwise transfer, and the extent to which that agreement by the interest owner has been fulfilled, to or for the benefit of the LLC in exchange for a capital interest.

(5) Information from which the status of the business and the financial condition of the LLC may be ascertained.

(b) Inspection rights and rights to copy LLC records may be exercised through a member's agent.

(c) In connection with any member, manager, or other company official exercising management or other control rights or performing that person's duties to the LLC or the members, the LLC shall provide that person with, or access to, all information related to the applicable matter that is known by the LLC and is material to the proper exercise and performance of those rights and duties.

(d) To exercise inspection and other information rights, a member must sign and deliver written notice of exercise to the LLC at least seven days before the date on which the inspection is to take place. That notice must state (i) the records or other information to be inspected and copied or otherwise provided by the LLC and (ii) the purpose for, and intended use of, the information. Within the period provided in the exercise notice, the LLC shall either comply with the member's demand or deliver written notice to the member of the extent to which the LLC declines to make available any of the demanded information and the reasons for that decision.

(e) The exercise of a member's rights to inspect and copy the LLC's records is to take place at the LLC's principal office, or other location or locations selected by the LLC, during the LLC's regular hours of operation unless the LLC directs otherwise. The LLC may require a member to pay the labor, material, and other costs it incurs or would otherwise incur to comply with the member's demand to inspect and copy the LLC's records.

(f) The LLC (i) need not disclose to any member or any agent or representative of a member any information related to any other interest owner, except to the extent required by subdivision (3) of subsection (a) of this section, but subject to the restrictions that may be imposed under clauses (ii) and (iii) of this subsection, or is not otherwise related to the member's ownership interest; (ii) may impose conditions, restrictions, limitations, and standards on the exercise of a member's inspection and other information rights, including redacting names and other confidential information, providing summaries of documents, or requiring the member to enter an agreement to not disclose and otherwise maintain the confidentiality of the information provided; and (iii) need not disclose or otherwise make available to a member, manager, or other company official trade secrets or other confidential information of a nature that its disclosure could adversely affect the LLC, to the extent that the managers or other applicable company officials determine the information cannot be adequately safeguarded by other means, until either there no longer is a risk that its disclosure will adversely affect the LLC or the LLC becomes able to protect itself in some other way. (2013-157, s. 2.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014