North Carolina General Statutes § 57D-3-31 Indemnification

(a) An LLC shall indemnify a person who is wholly successful on the merits or otherwise in the defense of any proceeding to which the person was a party because the person is or was a member, a manager, or other company official if the person also is or was an interest owner at the time to which the claim relates, acting within the person's scope of authority as a manager, member, or other company official against expenses incurred by the person in connection with the proceeding.

(b) An LLC shall reimburse a person who is or was a member for any payment made and indemnify the person for any obligation, including any judgment, settlement, penalty, fine, or other cost, incurred or borne in the authorized conduct of the LLC's business or preservation of the LLC's business or property, whether acting in the capacity of a manager, member, or other company official if, in making the payment or incurring the obligation, the person complied with the duties and standards of conduct (i) under G.S. 57D-3-21, as modified or eliminated by the operating agreement or (ii) otherwise imposed by this Chapter or other applicable law. (2013-157, s. 2.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014