North Carolina General Statutes § 57D-3-20 Management; managers

(a) The management of an LLC and its business is vested in the managers.

(b) Each manager has equal rights to participate in the management of the LLC and its business. Management decisions approved by a majority of the managers are controlling. The managers may make management decisions without a meeting and without notice.

(c) Subject to the direction and control of a majority of the managers as provided in G.S. 57D-3-20(b), each manager may act on behalf of the LLC in the ordinary course of the LLC's business.

(d) All members by virtue of their status as members are managers of the LLC, together with any other person or persons who may be designated as a manager in, or in the manner provided in, the operating agreement. If the operating agreement provides or otherwise contemplates that members are not necessarily managers by virtue of their status as members, then those persons designated as managers in, or in the manner provided in, the operating agreement will be managers. The operating agreement may provide that the LLC is to be managed by one or more company officials who are not designated as managers. All members will be managers for any period during which the LLC would otherwise not have any managers or other company officials.

(e) A person shall continue to serve as a manager until the earliest of the following occurs: (i) the person's resignation as a manager; (ii) any event described in G.S. 57D-3-02(a) with respect to the person, substituting therein the term "manager" in lieu of the term "member" for purposes of this subsection; or (iii) that person, or the member or all of a class or group of less than all of the members who appointed the person to be a manager, ceases to be a member. (2013-157, s. 2.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014