North Carolina General Statutes § 95-11 Division of Standards and Inspection

(a)        The chief administrative officer of the Division of Standards and Inspection shall be known as the Director of the Division. It shall be his duty, under the direction and supervision of the Commissioner of Labor, and under rules and regulations to be adopted by the Department as herein provided, to make or cause to be made all necessary inspections to see that all laws, rules and regulations concerning the safety and well-being of labor are promptly and effectively carried out.

(b)        The Division shall make studies and investigations of special problems connected with the labor of women and children, and create the necessary organization, and appoint an adequate number of investigators, with the consent of the Commissioner of Labor and the approval of the Governor; and the Director of said Division, under the supervision and direction of the Commissioner of Labor and under such rules and regulations as shall be prescribed by said Commissioner, with the approval of the Governor, shall perform all duties devolving upon the Department of Labor, or the Commissioner of Labor with relation to the enforcement of laws, rules, and regulations governing the employment of women and children.

(c)        The Director shall report annually to the Commissioner of Labor the activities of the Division, with such recommendations as may be considered advisable for the improvement of the working conditions for women and children.

(d)       The Division shall collect and collate information and statistics concerning the location, estimated and actual horsepower and condition of valuable water powers, developed and undeveloped, in this State; also concerning farmlands and farming, the kinds, character, and quantity of the annual farm products in this State; also of timber lands and timbers, truck gardening, dairying, and such other information and statistics concerning the agricultural and industrial welfare of the citizens of this State as may be deemed to be of interest and benefit to the public. The Director shall also perform the duties of mine inspector as prescribed in the Chapter on Mines and Quarries.

(e)        The Division shall conduct such research and carry out such studies as will contribute to the health, safety, and general well-being of the working classes of the State. The finding of such investigations, with the approval of the Commissioner of Labor and the Governor and the cooperation of the chief administrative officer of the Division or Divisions directly concerned, shall be promulgated as rules and regulations governing work places and working conditions. All recommendations and suggestions pertaining to health, safety, and well-being of employees shall be transmitted to the Commissioner of Labor in an annual report which shall cover the work of the Division of Standards and Inspection.

(f)        The Division shall make, promulgate and enforce rules and regulations for the protection of employees from accident and from occupational disease; and shall upon request, and after such investigation as it deems proper, issue certificates of compliance to such employers as are found by it to be in compliance with the rules and regulations made and promulgated in accordance with the provisions of this paragraph. (1931, c. 312, s. 12; c. 426; 1935, c. 131.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014