North Carolina General Statutes § 95-7 Power of Commissioner to compel the giving of such information; refusal as contempt

The Commissioner of Labor, or his authorized representative, for the purpose of securing the statistical details referred to in G.S. 95-6, shall have power to examine witnesses on oath, to compel the attendance of witnesses and the giving of such testimony and production of such papers as shall be necessary to enable him to gain the necessary information. Upon the refusal of any witness to comply with the requirements of the Commissioner of Labor or his representative in this respect, it shall be the duty of any judge of the superior court, upon the application of the Commissioner of Labor, or his representative, to order the witness to show cause why he should not comply with the requirements of the said Commissioner, or his representative, if in the discretion of the judge such requirement is reasonable and proper. Refusal to comply with the order of the judge of the superior court shall be dealt with as for contempt of court. (1931, c. 312, s. 9.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014