North Carolina General Statutes § 95-6 Statistical report to Governor; publication of information given by employers

It shall be the duty of the Commissioner of Labor to collect in the manner herein provided for, and to assort, systematize, and present to the Governor as a part of the report provided for in G.S. 95-5, statistical details relating to all divisions of labor in the State, and particularly concerning the following: the extent of unemployment, the hours of labor, the number of employees and sex thereof, and the daily wages earned; the conditions with respect to labor in all manufacturing establishments, hotels, stores, and workshops; and the industrial, social, educational, moral, and sanitary conditions of the labor classes, in the productive industries of the State. Such statistical details shall include the names of firms, companies, or corporations, where the same are located, the kind of goods produced or manufactured, the period of operation of each year, the number of employees, male or female, the number engaged in clerical work and the number engaged in manual labor, with the classification of the number of each sex engaged in such occupation and the average daily wage paid each: Provided, that the Commissioner shall not, nor shall anyone connected with his office, publish or give or permit to be published or given to any person the individual statistics obtained from any employer, and all such statistics, when published, shall be published in connection with other similar statistics and be set forth in aggregates and averages. (1931, c. 312, s. 8.)

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Last modified: March 23, 2014