Ohio Revised Code § 1713.13 - Trustees To Be Divided Into Classes - President Ex-officio Member - Limitations And Designations.

The president of a university or college referred to in section 1713.12 of the Revised Code, shall, ex officio, be a member of the board of trustees after the acceptance of sections 1713.12 to 1713.21, inclusive, of the Revised Code, by any such university or college. At any of its meetings such board shall divide its number, not including such president, into classes, making one class for each conference or religious body at the time patronizing such university or college, one class for the alumni of such university or college, and one class of trustees at large. No class shall have more than ten members. Each conference or other religious body patronizing such university shall have the same number of trustees. The board may designate the number of trustees to be assigned to the alumni association and to the class of trustees at large, but the combined number of trustees apportioned to said patronizing conferences of other religious bodies shall constitute a majority of the entire board, not including the president.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953

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Last modified: October 10, 2016