Ohio Revised Code § 1713.15 - Term Of Trustees - Expiration - Members - Vacancies.

If any university or college operating under the patronage of one or more conferences or other religious bodies in any denomination, where one of the conferences or other religious bodies holds regular biennial instead of annual meetings, the regular term of office of the trustees referred to in section 1713.13 of the Revised Code may be four years. The term of office of an equal number of trustees in each class, as near as is possible, shall expire biennially. None of the classes into which the board of trustees divides its number, in the manner provided in section 1713.13 of the Revised Code, shall have more than thirty members. Vacancies which occur in any class of trustees in any manner, except by expiration of time, shall be filled only for the remainder of the term, but the term of office of a trustee shall not expire during any meeting of the board which does not continue for more than two weeks.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953

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