Ohio Revised Code § 1713.22 - Colleges Under Ecclesiastical Patronage.

A corporation may be formed for the promotion of academic, collegiate, or university education, under religious influences, may set forth in its articles or certificate of incorporation, as a part thereof, the name of the religious sect, association, or denomination with which it is to be connected, and may grant any ecclesiastical body of such religious sect, association, or denomination, whether it is a conference, association, presbytery, synod, general assembly, convocation, or otherwise, the right to appoint its trustees or directors, or any number thereof. Such corporation may set forth in its articles or certificate such other rights as to the administration of the purpose for which it is organized, consistent with the laws of this state and of the United States, which the corporation desires to confer upon the ecclesiastical body of such sect, association, or denomination; and that body may exercise all rights and powers set forth therein.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953

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