Ohio Revised Code § 1713.16 - Reclassification And Reapportionment Of Trustees.

If the number of conferences or other religious bodies patronizing a university or college referred to in section 1713.12 of the Revised Code shall at any time be increased or decreased, the board of trustees of such university or college may reclassify the trustees of said bodies by an equal reduction of the number in each such class when a new conference or other religious body becomes a patronizing body and by an equal increase of the number in each such class when a conference or other religious body ceases to be a patronizing body. Whenever, by reason of a change in the number of patronizing conferences or religious bodies, it becomes necessary to reclassify the trustees in said board, and whenever said board deems it proper, for any other reason, to increase or decrease its total membership within the limits established by section 1713.13 of the Revised Code, the board, a lawful quorum being present, shall by appropriate resolution designate the number of trustees apportioned to each class and certify such apportionment to each patronizing conference or other religious body and to such alumni association, and all vacancies in such class thereafter shall be filled in accordance with such apportionment.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953

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Last modified: October 10, 2016