Ohio Revised Code § 311.10 - Foreign Execution Docket.

(A) There shall be kept in the office of the sheriff a foreign execution docket, furnished by the county, in which, on the receipt by the sheriff of any execution, order of sale, or other process issuing from any court of any county, other than the county in which he resides, the sheriff shall make an entry of the date of such writ, when it was received by him, from what court and county it was issued, and the date and amount of the judgment or decree. The sheriff shall copy in such book, the same as indorsed upon or contained in such writ, the full description of the property and real estate that he levies upon or offers for sale. He shall also copy into such book his return on such writ when he makes a return, and shall include the bill of costs. The sheriff shall make a direct and reverse index of each case entered in such book. The entries shall be notice to subsequent purchasers and creditors of the matters contained in them, but if the lien of any judgment is kept alive in the county of rendition beyond the period of five years, purchasers and creditors in such foreign county shall not be deemed to have notice of such lien unless written notice of it is filed by the judgment creditor with the sheriff of the foreign county, who shall certify such fact upon the foreign execution docket and index such notice at the place of the original entry.

(B) The sheriff shall also enter in the foreign execution docket the receipt of any process issued by a proper and lawful authority of a state other than this state, the date of issuance and the date of his receipt of the process, the court and state in which the process was issued, and the nature of the process. The sheriff shall also enter in the docket all action taken in relation to such process by his office.

(C) For making such entries the sheriff shall receive twenty-five cents in each case, to be taxed in the fee bill.

(D) For the use of the persons entitled to such fees, the sheriff shall retain all fees due in such cases to residents of his county, and, on demand, he shall pay them to such persons.

Effective Date: 06-12-1980

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