Oregon Statutes - Chapter 199 - Local Government Boundary Commissions; City-County Consolidation; Local Regulation of Shopping Carts - Section 199.487 - Commission authority to initiate minor boundary change; nonapplicability of certain boundary change procedures; effect of commission action.

(1) Within the jurisdiction of a boundary commission, a minor boundary change proceeding may be initiated as provided by ORS 199.490. In addition, a city annexation proceeding may be initiated as provided by ORS 222.750 or 222.840 to 222.915. Minor boundary change proceedings shall be conducted as provided by this section and ORS 199.490 to 199.534.

(2) ORS 222.111 to 222.180, 222.460 and the statutes of the state that govern annexation of territory to, or withdrawal of territory from, districts do not apply in territory subject to the jurisdiction of a boundary commission. However, a city annexation proposal initiated under ORS 199.490 may include a tax differential proposal authorized by ORS 222.111 (3). Notwithstanding ORS 199.490 (2)(b), 222.173 (1), 222.175 or any other requirement for obtaining consent to annexation, a city or district may use a consent to annexation contained in contracts authorized by ORS 198.869 or 222.115 in formulating annexation proposals or petitions under ORS 198.855, 199.490 (2), 222.125 or 222.170 for properties whose owners have signed such consents to annexation. ORS 222.530 shall not apply in territory subject to the jurisdiction of a boundary commission unless the affected territory constitutes at least 60 percent of the area and 60 percent of the assessed value of the district.

(3) Notwithstanding any charter or statutory provision to the contrary, a final order or a proclamation of a boundary commission declaring a minor boundary change approved is effective to change the boundary of the city or district without the necessity of any further action by the electors or the governing body of the city or district. [Formerly 199.540; 1979 c.880 §3; 1983 c.336 §15; 1985 c.702 §17; 1989 c.92 §23; 1989 c.1063 §12; 1991 c.637 §6]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008