Oregon Statutes - Chapter 206 - Sheriffs - Section 206.090 - Delivery of jail, process and prisoners to new sheriff.

Within one day after the service of the certificate referred to in ORS 206.080 upon the former sheriff, the former sheriff shall deliver to the successor:

(1) The jail of the county, with its appurtenances and the property of the county therein.

(2) The prisoners then confined in the county jail.

(3) The process or other papers in the custody of the former sheriff, authorizing or relating to the confinement of the prisoners, or if they have been returned, a written memorandum of them and the time and place of their return.

(4) All process for the arrest of a party, and all papers relating to the summoning of jurors which have not been fully executed.

(5) All executions and final process, except those which the former sheriff has executed, or has begun to execute, by the collection of money or a levy on property.

(6) All process or other papers for the enforcement of a provisional remedy not fully executed.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008