Oregon Statutes - Chapter 237 - Public Employee Retirement Generally - Section 237.976 - Disposition of contributions made under abolished system.

(1) From contributions of each employee and the matching contributions of the employer, respectively, due and paid to the Public Employees Retirement Fund for services performed after January 1, 1951, there shall be deducted as much thereof as necessary to constitute an amount equal to the total sum of the tax which would have been imposed upon the employee and the employer, respectively, by sections 1400 and 1410 of the Internal Revenue Code, if the services of the employee subsequent to January 1, 1951, had constituted employment as defined by section 1426 of such Code; provided, however, that no such deductions shall be made from the contributions of the employees referred to in ORS 237.972 or from the matching contributions of their employers, heretofore or hereafter paid into the Public Employees Retirement Fund. A sum equal to the total of the amounts deducted as provided in the preceding sentence hereby is transferred from the Public Employees Retirement Fund to the Social Security Revolving Account in the General Fund created by ORS 237.490, and shall be expended by the Public Employees Retirement Board in payment of the contributions required to secure coverage under the system of Old Age and Survivors Insurance established by title 2 of the Social Security Act, effective from January 1, 1951, for all employees with respect to whom such deductions were made.

(2) Each member of the Public Employees Retirement System shall have the right to a refund of all contributions heretofore paid by the member into the fund after deducting therefrom the amount herein specified for Social Security coverage, providing that within 60 days after March 27, 1953, the member signs and files a written request therefor with the Public Employees Retirement Board, in which event such contribution shall be paid to the member by the Public Employees Retirement Board as soon thereafter as practicable and in no case later than October 1, 1953. The refund of all contributions paid by the member, as by this section authorized, in the case of each applicant who receives such refund shall extinguish all the rights of membership in the Public Employees Retirement System established by chapter 401, Oregon Laws 1945, including the right to claim credit for any time whatever spent in public employment prior to the receipt of such refund. Unless an employee shall have filed such request for refund within said 60 days the balance of contributions of the employee remaining after such deduction, together with an equal amount contributed by the employer, and the contributions of the employers based on the prior service credit of the employee, shall be used to purchase retirement benefits for such employee in accordance with ORS chapter 238. If, pending such disposition of employees’ contributions, any employee should die, the accumulated contributions of the employee shall be paid as the employee shall have directed in writing. In the absence of such written direction, the accumulated contributions shall be paid in accordance with the provisions of chapter 401, Oregon Laws 1945, as amended.

(3) There shall be no refund made to any participating employer until such time as all liabilities against such employer have been fully liquidated and discharged. [1953 c.180 §6; 1953 c.521 §1]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008