Oregon Statutes - Chapter 243 - Public Employee Rights and Benefits - Section 243.440 - Salary reduction for deferred compensation plan; amount; payment.

(1) The state and an eligible state employee may enter into a written deferred compensation contract that provides that a specified portion of the compensation payable to the employee for services rendered by the employee will not be paid or otherwise made available at the time the services are rendered but instead will be paid or otherwise made available at some future date. The deferred compensation contract must specify the amount by which the employee’s compensation will be reduced each month for the purpose of funding the deferred compensation benefit for the employee. The amount of the reduction may not be less than $25 per month and may not exceed the maximum amount allowable under rules adopted by the Public Employees Retirement Board under ORS 243.470.

(2) The state officer or official authorized to disburse moneys in payment of salaries and wages of employees is authorized, upon written request of an eligible state employee, to reduce each month the salary of the eligible state employee by an amount of money designated by that employee in the employee’s deferred compensation contract. The state officer or official may pay that amount to the Public Employees Retirement System for deposit in the Deferred Compensation Fund. [1977 c.721 §5; 1983 c.789 §3; 1991 c.618 §4; 1997 c.179 §9]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008