Oregon Statutes - Chapter 243 - Public Employee Rights and Benefits - Section 243.474 - Investment of local government plan assets through investment program; agreement with Public Employees Retirement System; charges against participants.

(1) A local government that establishes a deferred compensation plan may invest all or part of the planís assets through the deferred compensation investment program established by the Oregon Investment Council under ORS 243.421. Plan assets of a local government deferred compensation plan invested through the deferred compensation investment program are not subject to the limitations on investment imposed by ORS 294.033 and 294.035. Local governments that invest through the deferred compensation investment program are subject to the policies and procedures established by the council for the administration of the program.

(2) A local government that wishes to become a participating local government pursuant to this section must enter into a written agreement with the Public Employees Retirement System. The agreement must set forth the terms of the investment and the record keeping and related services to be performed by the system for the invested funds. The Public Employees Retirement Board may require that the local government enter into a service agreement under ORS 243.478 as a condition of an agreement under this subsection. If the local government and the system cannot reach an agreement under the provisions of this subsection, the local government may not become a participating local government.

(3) All funds invested by the council for a participating local government must be accounted for separately. Investment of funds under this section must be implemented and administered so that the State of Oregon incurs no expense or liability other than those liabilities that may be imposed under ORS 243.401 to 243.507 or other law.

(4) In addition to those amounts that may be deducted by the State Treasurer pursuant to ORS 293.718, the system may assess a charge against the total account balances of all participating local governments that is sufficient to reimburse the system for any additional costs of investing funds for participating local governments. The Public Employees Retirement Board shall not act as a trustee or be considered the trustee of any trust established by a local government deferred compensation plan.

(5) The terms of the agreement provided for in subsection (2) of this section shall govern the nature and extent of the information that must be provided to local government officers and employees about the investment of deferred compensation through the deferred compensation investment program. [1997 c.179 §15]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008