Oregon Statutes - Chapter 284 - Organizations for Economic Development - Section 284.615 - Strategy for Oregonís future; participation of public in development of strategy; adoption of strategy; periodic revision.

(1) The Oregon Progress Board shall develop a strategy for Oregon that addresses the economic, social, cultural, environmental and other needs and aspirations of the people of Oregon.

(2) The strategy developed by the Oregon Progress Board shall address issues that the board determines are necessary and appropriate to Oregonís future. Such issues shall include:

(a) Education and workforce.

(b) Public and private cooperation.

(c) Environmental quality.

(d) Infrastructure.

(e) Funding and taxation.

(f) Social well-being.

(g) Such other issues as the board, by majority vote, shall add to the strategy.

(3) When developing the strategy, the Oregon Progress Board shall hold public hearings, public meetings and workshops as needed to ensure the participation of a broad cross section of Oregonís population. The board shall publicize the public hearings, public meetings and workshops in each city in which they are held and shall allow interested residents and other individuals to appear and be heard by the board.

(4) After considering any written comments and public testimony relating to the proposed strategy, the board shall revise the strategy as it considers necessary or appropriate. The board, by a vote of a majority of its members, shall approve and adopt a final strategy. The board shall submit, in addition to its adopted strategy, a summary and digest of comments and public testimony and its response, if any, to those comments. The adopted strategy shall be submitted to the Seventy-third Legislative Assembly not later than March 15, 2005, and every eight years thereafter. [Formerly 285A.162]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008