Oregon Statutes - Chapter 284 - Organizations for Economic Development - Section 284.600 - Policy; legislative findings and statement of purpose.

The Legislative Assembly finds that:

(1) The Oregon of the future can provide unparalleled economic opportunities while maintaining Oregonís traditional values if this state pursues its future with clarity of purpose and perseverance.

(2) Oregon is in the midst of massive economic, social and environmental transitions created by technological changes, global competition and changing population demographics. In order to expand economic opportunities while maintaining Oregonís unique quality of life in the face of change, Oregonians must have a vision for their preferred future that spans economic, social and environmental concerns.

(3) An independent Oregon Progress Board is needed to:

(a) Encourage the discussion and understanding among all Oregonians of critical global and national economic, social and environmental trends that will affect Oregon in the coming decades;

(b) Formulate and submit to Oregonians a strategy that describes and explains a vision for Oregonís economic, social and environmental progress for 20 years into the future; and

(c) Submit to the Legislative Assembly, for its adoption, goals for Oregonís progress, including measurable indicators of the achievement of those goals. [Formerly 285A.150]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008