Oregon Statutes - Chapter 311 - Collection of Property Taxes - Section 311.658 - Collection, payment of state levy; informing State Treasurer of state levy for bonded indebtedness and interest; rules.

(1) Each of the several counties shall collect and pay over as required by law the amount apportioned as provided under ORS 311.657 and 311.375 and this section.

(2) The state shall be considered a taxing district for purposes of ORS 311.105. However, the state shall not be included in any distribution of moneys (in lieu of tax or otherwise) that are required to be apportioned among and offset against the levy of one or more particular districts, but only in the distribution of those tax moneys that are used to reduce the amount of taxes extended on the roll and collected by the tax collector.

(3) Notwithstanding ORS 311.385, property tax moneys collected pursuant to a state levy shall not be deposited to the unsegregated tax collections account under ORS 311.385 but shall be deposited in the county treasury and distributed as provided under ORS 311.375.

(4) The state shall not be included in the percentage distribution schedule under ORS 311.390.

(5) It shall not be necessary to change the values of the particular descriptions of property assessed in each of the several counties on the assessment rolls on account of a state levy of ad valorem property tax.

(6) No deduction or abatement shall be made from the apportionment of any county because of the delinquency of any taxpayer, or error or omission in the assessment roll or for any other reason.

(7) In exercising its supervisory powers under ORS 306.115 (1), the Department of Revenue may adopt rules governing the certification, apportionment, transmission of transcript, extension, offset, collection and distribution of the state tax levy. The Department of Revenue and the Oregon Department of Administrative Services shall develop procedures for informing the State Treasurer of the condition of any general obligation bond fund program and any state levy anticipated or made under this section. [Formerly 309.550; 1991 c.220 §3]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008