Oregon Statutes - Chapter 329 - Oregon Educational Act for the 21st Century; Educational Improvement and Reform - Section 329.545 - Policy for program.

The Legislative Assembly finds that:

(1) Because American society and the American student are changing dramatically, schools and schooling must be altered significantly in order to sustain their relevance and their vitality in an increasingly challenging world;

(2) Real and fundamental change in the structure of schools and education must emerge from the school site rather than be imposed externally or unilaterally and should be based on professional knowledge and a solid foundation of research;

(3) To encourage the restructuring of schools in Oregon, the state should establish a process to allow teachers, administrators and the public to modify or waive, or both, certain statutes, rules and local policies and agreements in order to promote greater flexibility in the way schools are organized, managed and financed; and

(4) In exchange for such flexibility, teachers, administrators and the public should be held accountable to clear and measurable standards of student learning and other educational performance.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008