Oregon Statutes - Chapter 329 - Oregon Educational Act for the 21st Century; Educational Improvement and Reform - Section 329.570 - Application; district planning committee; eligibility.

(1) To the extent practicable, the development of the application and the administration of programs under ORS 329.537 to 329.605 shall be delegated by the state and school districts to the 21st Century Schools Councils.

(2) If more than one school building is part of an application, the 21st Century Schools Councils may elect to establish a district planning committee to facilitate the development of its application. A district planning committee shall consist of:

(a) Administrators and at least one school board member to be chosen by the school board.

(b) Teachers, chosen by the exclusive representative, in a number equal to those appointed under paragraph (a) of this subsection.

(c) At least three public members, chosen jointly by the other members of the committee.

(3) To participate in the Oregon 21st Century Schools Program, and prior to submission of an application by the school board, a school district shall have accomplished the following:

(a) Identified the school building or buildings and, if appropriate, the school district or districts on whose behalf the application is submitted.

(b) Established, in each school building affected by the proposal, a 21st Century Schools Council.

(c) Agreed, at the direction of the 21st Century Schools Councils and, if applicable, the district planning committee, upon the following:

(A) The major activities to be carried out as part of the project, including but not limited to the nature and extent of the restructuring of school operations and formal relationships as described in ORS 329.555 (2).

(B) The specified measures of student learning and achievement, including but not limited to those described in ORS 329.555 (2) for each building affected by the application.

(C) The process by which each 21st Century Schools Council and, where applicable, the district planning committee will collect data and assess the progress and final performance of its program.

(4) The local district school board shall be responsible for submitting the application and certifying that all appropriate requirements of ORS 329.537 to 329.605 have been met.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008