Oregon Statutes - Chapter 329 - Oregon Educational Act for the 21st Century; Educational Improvement and Reform - Section 329.595 - Rules on applications; review of applications; recommendations to state board.

(1) The Oregon 21st Century Schools Advisory Committee, appointed by the State Board of Education under ORS 329.700, shall propose rules, for adoption by the state board, to govern the submission and approval of applications under ORS 329.537 to 329.605.

(2) The advisory committee shall review all applications submitted under ORS 329.537 to 329.605 and recommend applications for approval by the state board including but not limited to the following criteria:

(a) The existence of significant, measurable and achievable goals based on student performance;

(b) The extent to which the district has demonstrated the need for the requested modifications and waiver of specified statutes and rules and local policies and agreements;

(c) The extent to which the application proposes significant changes in the structure of school operations and the formal relationships between teachers, administrators, other school personnel and public citizens, as described in ORS 329.555;

(d) The clarity of purpose and values underlying the proposal;

(e) Evidence of thoroughness in identifying, developing and projecting implementation of the proposed activities;

(f) Evidence of potential transferability of the proposed activities and practices that are judged to be successful;

(g) A determination that modification or waiver of statutes and rules and local policies and agreements will not be detrimental to the health, safety or constitutional rights of students, teachers, administrators, other school personnel or the public under state or federal law; and

(h) A demonstration of support and commitment from all parties to support and faithfully implement the proposal.

(3) The advisory committee may suggest modifications in submitted applications, subject to the approval of the school board, the exclusive representative of teachers if waiver of a collective bargaining obligation over mandatory subjects of collective bargaining, a right or obligation under a collective bargaining contract or any right under ORS 243.650 to 243.782, 342.513, 342.545, 342.553, 342.608, 342.610, 342.613 or 342.650 is required, and each 21st Century Schools Council involved in the project.

(4) The state board shall consider the recommendations of the advisory committee and make the final decisions on approval of the applications, using the criteria contained in subsection (2) of this section. Before making these decisions, the state board shall allow opportunity for comment by persons submitting the applications and by the public.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008