Oregon Statutes - Chapter 329 - Oregon Educational Act for the 21st Century; Educational Improvement and Reform - Section 329.905 - Economic development policy to support literacy, education and professional technical job training; goals.

(1) The Legislative Assembly finds that a highly skilled, well-educated workforce is critical to the present and future competitiveness of Oregonís economy. Curricular and institutional change throughout the educational process is imperative to achieve Oregonís economic and education reform goals. To accomplish fully education reform at the elementary and secondary levels, it is essential that Oregonís citizens gain a thorough understanding of the significant value of professional technical education and the vital role it plays in preparing Oregonís citizens for entry into the workforce, further training or entry into higher education. The Legislative Assembly, therefore, declares that it is the economic development policy of the state to support and promote literacy, education and professional technical job training for Oregonís citizens. Further, the Legislative Assembly declares that it is the goal of the state to achieve the following:

(a) Measurably increase the knowledge and improve the skills of Oregon workers;

(b) Promote and sponsor effective and responsive training programs for employed and unemployed Oregonians who need literacy and other job-related training;

(c) Promote and increase youth enrollment in secondary, post-secondary and apprenticeship programs that lead to family wage jobs;

(d) Secure the active participation and full cooperation of Oregon industry leaders and business owners in developing programs to increase and improve worker education and performance;

(e) Promote and increase the coordination of Oregonís education and job training systems to more fully respond to the increasingly complex training needs of workers; and

(f) Promote and increase access to education and job training programs for all Oregonians regardless of their economic status or geographic location within the state.

(2) The Legislative Assembly declares that it is the policy of this state to integrate employment, training and development programs into its economic development efforts.

(3) The Legislative Assembly further declares that the employment development and training activities provided for in ORS 329.905 to 329.975 are job creation and economic development activities within the meaning of section 4 (3), Article XV of the Oregon Constitution.

(4) The Legislative Assembly further declares that the State of Oregon must dedicate the talents, resources and energies of its people to having the best trained workforce in the United States and a workforce equal to any in the world. When this workforce exists, Oregon will have a highly skilled workforce that is:

(a) Engaged by competitive, diversified industries;

(b) Supported by education and training;

(c) Supported by employment systems that are responsive to the needs of people and the labor market; and

(d) Reflective of the diversity of Oregonís population.

(5) The Legislative Assembly further declares that the role of business and industry is critical to the implementation of education reform and that the goals of ORS 329.905 to 329.975 are:

(a) Coordinated and complementary education, training and employment programs.

(b) A high performance workforce characterized by diversity, technical competence and economic self-sufficiency.

(c) Educational performance standards that match the highest in the world.

(d) Assurance of educational attention necessary for attainment of high academic standards for all students.

(e) An education and employment training system that has the capacity to meet the training needs of individuals and employers.

(f) Assurance of workforce preparedness for all students through covenants between business and education.

Note: 329.905 to 329.975 were enacted into law by the Legislative Assembly but were not added to or made a part of ORS chapter 329 or any series therein by legislative action. See Preface to Oregon Revised Statutes for further explanation.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008