Oregon Statutes - Chapter 329 - Oregon Educational Act for the 21st Century; Educational Improvement and Reform - Section 329.915 - Objectives of ORS 329.905 to 329.975.

The Legislative Assembly intends that the specific objectives of ORS 329.905 to 329.975 include:

(1) Restructuring elementary and secondary schools in this state to teach a higher level of knowledge leading to more effective job skills to all students and to have students attain this knowledge earlier.

(2) Developing comprehensive, professional technical education programs for students that lead to industry certification and:

(a) Emphasize work-based learning experiences, including apprenticeships and youth apprenticeship programs;

(b) Involve business and labor in the development and delivery of such programs;

(c) Recognize and implement standards approved by industry and establish new industry approved standards, equal to the highest international standards for achievement;

(d) Provide an articulated education program carrying all students to their maximum potential and including appropriate support services for students and their families;

(e) Deliver the support those students most at risk need to succeed; and

(f) Produce the high level technical, personal and leadership skills needed by competitive businesses and industries.

(3) Helping businesses and industries transform their operations to high performance work organizations where:

(a) Frontline workers have higher skills, work in teams and are given greater responsibility for the development and production of a product or service, and receive necessary training for these purposes; and

(b) Public and private investment support improved management practices, competitive production processes and worker training.

(4) Encouraging managers and workers to play key roles in preparing and implementing state education and training policy, programs and standards, including support of employee involvement in schools.

Note: See second note under 329.905.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008