Oregon Statutes - Chapter 351 - Higher Education Generally - Section 351.003 - Additional findings.

In addition to making the findings under ORS 351.001, the Legislative Assembly finds that:

(1) Oregonians need access to post-secondary education opportunities throughout life in a variety of forms.

(2) To meet the societal and individual needs described under ORS 351.001, Oregonians have created and sustained, from territorial days to the present, many and diverse institutions of higher education, both independent and state-assisted.

(3) These institutions have developed the intellectual capacity of Oregonians and have prepared thousands of them for productive and fulfilling careers.

(4) These institutions provide educational access to all segments of Oregonís diverse population, including many students for whom higher education creates the first opportunity for their entry into the mainstream of society.

(5) These institutions provide research, both basic and applied, that generates new knowledge and applies it to the development of new products and processes essential for Oregonís economic growth.

(6) These institutions provide public service activities that engage the professional expertise of their faculties to solve social problems.

(7) These institutions share with our communities many cultural activities and services of immense importance to the quality of life enjoyed by Oregonians.

(8) These institutions are expanding the times, places and formats of course offerings.

(9) Oregoniansí diverse educational needs will be best met in an environment in which public and independent schools are recognized as critical for meeting those needs. [1993 c.240 §2; 2001 c.964 §1]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008