Oregon Statutes - Chapter 353 - Oregon Health and Science University - Section 353.370 - Notice to Legislative Assembly required if shortfall in moneys exists for payment of amounts under bonds, certificates of participation or agreements for borrowing money.

In addition to, and not in limitation of, the means of satisfying state general obligation bond obligations under ORS 291.445, Oregon Health and Science University, promptly upon the discovery of any shortfall in moneys available to the university for the payment when due of amounts under any bonds, certificates of participation, financing agreements or other agreements for the borrowing of moneys issued prior to July 1, 1995, by the State of Oregon on behalf of the State Board of Higher Education for equipment or projects for the university, shall notify in writing the Legislative Assembly, or if the Legislative Assembly is not in session, the Emergency Board, of the existence and amount of the shortfall. The Legislative Assembly or the Emergency Board, as the case may be, may provide funds to satisfy the payment of any such amount. By enacting this provision, the Legislative Assembly acknowledges its current intention to provide, from funds other than those appropriated or otherwise made available to the Oregon University System, funds to pay such amount. However, except as may be required by the Oregon Constitution or ORS 291.445, neither the Legislative Assembly nor the Emergency Board shall have any legal obligation to provide funds under this section. [1995 c.162 §61a; 1999 c.291 §13]

(Financial Agreements)

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Last modified: August 7, 2008