Oregon Statutes - Chapter 353 - Oregon Health and Science University - Section 353.410 - University powers regarding financing agreements and credit enhancement agreements.

Oregon Health and Science University may:

(1) Enter into agreements with third parties to hold financing agreement proceeds, payments and reserves as security for lenders, and to issue certificates of participation in the right to receive payments due from the university under a financing agreement. Amounts so held shall be invested at the direction of the Oregon Health and Science University Board of Directors. Interest earned on any investments held as security for a financing agreement may, at the option of the board, be credited to the accounts held by the third party and applied in payment of sums due under a financing agreement.

(2) Enter into credit enhancement agreements for financing agreements or certificates of participation, provided that such credit enhancement agreements shall be payable solely from funds specifically pledged, budgeted for or otherwise made available by the university and amounts received from the exercise of property rights granted under such financing agreements.

(3) Use financing agreements to finance the costs of acquiring or refinancing real or personal property, plus the costs of reserves, credit enhancements and costs associated with obtaining the financing.

(4) Grant leases of real property with a trustee or lender. Such leases may be for a term that ends on the date on which all amounts due under a financing agreement have been paid or provision for payment has been made, or up to 20 years after the last scheduled payment under a financing agreement, whichever is later. Such leases may grant the trustee or lender the right to evict the university and exclude it from possession of the real property for the term of the lease if the university fails to pay when due the amounts scheduled to be paid under a financing agreement, or otherwise defaults under a financing agreement. Upon default, the trustee or lender may sublease the land to third parties and apply any rentals toward payments scheduled to be made under a financing agreement.

(5) Grant security interests in personal property to trustees or lenders.

(6) Make pledges for the benefit of trustees and lenders.

(7) Purchase fire and extended coverage or other casualty insurance for property that is acquired or refinanced with proceeds of a financing agreement, assign the proceeds thereof to a lender or trustee to the extent of their interest, and covenant to maintain such insurance while the financing agreement is unpaid, so long as available funds are sufficient to purchase such insurance. [1995 c.162 §20; 1999 c.291 §15]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008