Oregon Statutes - Chapter 36 - Mediation and Arbitration - Section 36.262 - Confidentiality of mediation materials.

(1) All memoranda, work products and other materials contained in the case files of a mediator or mediation service are confidential. Any communication made in, or in connection with, the mediation which relates to the controversy being mediated, whether made to the mediator or a party, or to any other person if made at a mediation session, is confidential. However, a mediated agreement shall not be confidential unless the parties otherwise agree in writing.

(2) Confidential materials and communications are not subject to disclosure in any judicial or administrative proceeding except:

(a) When all parties to the mediation agree, in writing, to waive the confidentiality;

(b) In a subsequent action between the mediator and a party to the mediation for damages arising out of the mediation; or

(c) Statements, memoranda, materials and other tangible evidence, otherwise subject to discovery, that were not prepared specifically for use in and actually used in the mediation.

(3) Notwithstanding subsection (2) of this section, a mediator may not be compelled to testify in any proceeding, unless all parties to the mediation and the mediator agree, in writing, to waive the confidentiality. [1989 c.967 §8]

Note: See note under 36.250.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008