Oregon Statutes - Chapter 414 - Medical Assistance - Section 414.022 - Provision of mental health services; goals; criteria; reports.

Mental health services shall be provided by the Department of Human Services, in collaboration with the Health Services Commission, for the purpose of determining how best to serve the range of mental health conditions statewide utilizing a capitated managed care system. The services shall begin as soon as feasible following receipt of the necessary waiver in anticipation that the services are to be available not later than January 1, 1995, and shall cover up to 25 percent of state-funded mental health services until July 1, 1997. After July 1, 1997, the services shall cover all of the state-funded eligible mental health services. The provision of services under this section shall support and be consistent with community mental health and developmental disabilities programs established and operated or contracted for under ORS chapter 430. The goals and criteria are:

(1) Test actuarial assumptions used to project costs and utilization rates, and revise estimates of cost for statewide implementation.

(2) Compare current medical assistance fee for service with capitated managed care mental health system, using state determined quality assurance standards to evaluate capacity, diagnosis, utilization and treatment:

(a) Including components for testing full integration of physical medicine and mental health services and measuring the impact of mental health services on utilization of physical health services.

(b) Comparing current medical assistance fee for service with capitated managed care system for utilization and length of stay in private and public hospitals, and in nonhospital residential care facilities.

(c) Comparing for specific conditions, treatment configuration, effectiveness and disposition rates.

(3) Design the services to assure geographic coverage of urban and rural areas including significant population bases, and areas with and without existing capacity to provide fully capitated managed care services including:

(a) Requiring providers to maintain and report information about clients by type and amount of services in a predetermined uniform format for comparison with state established quality assurance standards.

(b) Within the geographic areas in which services are provided, requiring providers to serve the full range of mental health populations and conditions.

(c) Requiring providers to have the full range of eligible mental health services available including, but not limited to, assessment, case management, outpatient treatment and hospitalization.

(4) The department shall report to the Emergency Board and other appropriate interim legislative committees and task forces by October 1, 1996, on the implementation of the services. [1993 c.815 §29; 1995 c.806 §3; 1995 c.807 §4; 1999 c.835 §1; 2001 c.900 §100]

Note: See note under 414.018.

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