Oregon Statutes - Chapter 427 - Persons With Mental Retardation; Persons With Developmental Disabilities - Section 427.330 - Definitions for ORS 427.330 to 427.345.

As used in ORS 427.330 to 427.345:

(1) “Care provider” means an individual, family member or entity that provides care.

(2)(a) “Community housing” includes:

(A) Real property, including but not limited to buildings, structures, improvements to real property and related equipment, that is used or could be used to house and provide care for individuals with mental retardation or other developmental disabilities; and

(B) A single-family home or multiple-unit residential housing that an individual with mental retardation or other developmental disability shares with other inhabitants, including but not limited to family members, care providers or friends.

(b) “Community housing” does not include the Eastern Oregon Training Center.

(3) “Construct” means to build, install, assemble, expand, alter, convert, replace or relocate. “Construct” includes to install equipment and to prepare a site.

(4) “Developmental disability” means a disability attributable to mental retardation, cerebral palsy, epilepsy or other neurological handicapping condition or severe physical impairment that requires training similar to that required by persons with mental retardation, and the disability:

(a) Originates before the person attains the age of 22 years;

(b) Has continued or can be expected to continue indefinitely; and

(c) Constitutes a substantial handicap to the ability of the person to function in society.

(5) “Equipment” means furnishings, fixtures, appliances, special adaptive equipment or supplies that are used or could be used to provide care in community housing.

(6) “Family member” means an individual who is related by blood or marriage to an individual with mental retardation or other developmental disability.

(7) “Financial assistance” means a grant or loan to pay expenses incurred to provide community housing.

(8) “Housing provider” means an individual or entity that provides community housing. [1999 c.753 §2; 2001 c.900 §130; 2007 c.70 §221]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008