Oregon Statutes - Chapter 430 - Administration; Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs - Section 430.021 - Functions of Department of Human Services; report to department on use of restraint or seclusion; rules.

Subject to ORS 417.300 and 417.305:

(1) The Department of Human Services shall:

(a) Direct, promote, correlate and coordinate all the activities, duties and direct services for persons with mental or emotional disturbances, mental retardation, developmental disabilities, alcoholism or drug dependence; and

(b) Promote, correlate and coordinate the mental health and developmental disabilities activities of all governmental organizations throughout the state in which there is any direct contact with mental health and developmental disabilities programs.

(2) The department shall develop cooperative programs with interested private groups throughout the state to effect better community awareness and action in the field of mental health and developmental disabilities, and encourage and assist in all necessary ways community general hospitals to establish psychiatric services.

(3) To the greatest extent possible, the least costly settings for treatment, outpatient services and residential facilities shall be widely available and utilized except when contraindicated because of individual health care needs. State agencies that purchase treatment for mental or emotional disturbances shall develop criteria consistent with this policy. In reviewing applications for certificates of need, the Director of Human Services shall take this policy into account.

(4) The department shall establish, coordinate, assist and direct a community mental health and developmental disabilities program in cooperation with local government units and integrate such a program with the total state mental and developmental disabilities health program.

(5) The department shall promote public education in the state concerning mental health and developmental disabilities and act as the liaison center for work with all interested public and private groups and agencies in the field of mental health and developmental disabilities services.

(6) The department shall accept the custody of persons committed to its care by the courts of this state.

(7) The department shall adopt rules to require a facility and a nonhospital facility as those terms are defined in ORS 426.005, and a provider that employs a person described in ORS 426.415, if subject to department rules regarding the use of restraint or seclusion during the course of mental health treatment of a child or adult, to report to the department each calendar quarter the number of incidents involving the use of restraint or seclusion. The aggregate data shall be made available to the public. [1969 c.597 §83 (enacted in lieu of 430.020); 1973 c.795 §4; 1983 c.601 §4; 1987 c.660 §20; 1989 c.116 §3; 1989 c.834 §17; 1991 c.122 §8; 2001 c.900 §133; 2007 c.70 §226; 2007 c.164 §1]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008