Oregon Statutes - Chapter 431 - State and Local Administration and Enforcement of Health Laws - Section 431.150 - Enforcement of health laws generally.

(1) The local public health administrators are charged with the strict and thorough enforcement of the public health laws of this state in their districts, under the supervision and direction of the Department of Human Services. They shall make an immediate report to the department of any violation of such laws coming to their notice by observation, or upon the complaint of any person, or otherwise.

(2) The department is charged with the thorough and efficient execution of the public health laws of this state in every part of the state, and with supervisory powers over all local public health administrators, to the end that all the requirements are complied with.

(3) The department may investigate cases of irregularity or violation of law. All local public health administrators shall aid the department, upon request, in such investigation.

(4) When any case of violation of the public health laws of this state is reported to any district attorney or official acting in said capacity, such official shall forthwith initiate and promptly follow up the necessary proceedings against the parties responsible for the alleged violations of law.

(5) Upon request of the department, the Attorney General shall likewise assist in the enforcement of the public health laws of this state. [Amended by 1959 c.314 §22; 1971 c.650 §12; 1973 c.833 §43; 1973 c.835 §165; 1974 c.36 §12; 1977 c.582 §11]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008