Oregon Statutes - Chapter 462 - Racing - Section 462.270 - Duties of commission; rules.

(1) The Oregon Racing Commission shall license, regulate and supervise all race meets held in this state and cause the various places where race meets are to be held to be visited and inspected at least once each fiscal year.

(2) The commission shall be the sole judge of whether or not a race meet shall be licensed. The application for a race meet license shall specify the duration of each race meet, the number of race days the race meet shall continue and the number of races per day. The commission, in its sole discretion, is authorized either to accept or reject any application for a race meet license, and the decision of the commission is a final order which can be contested only on the basis that the commission abused its discretionary authority.

(3) The commission shall prepare and promulgate a complete set of rules to govern the race meets in every phase of operation consistent with the provisions of this chapter, public safety, health, welfare and any other matter pertaining to the good conduct of racing and shall make rules to govern public training tracks consistent with this chapter and with public health, safety, welfare, humane practices, and any other matter pertaining to the good conduct of racing. The commission shall also prepare and promulgate rules for the conduct of hearings held and shall establish the procedure to be followed in accordance with the Administrative Procedures Act then in effect.

(4) The commission shall announce the place, the number of race days and dates and duration of each race meet for which license fees shall be exacted. [Amended by 1953 c.497 §4; 1955 c.455 §1; 1981 c.544 §20]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008